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EV Charging Basics

Metro Ford is here to help you understand charging solutions for your new EV journey.

Charging times vary depending of the type of charger used.

Level 1 chargers use a standard household outlet and charge about 5-8 kilometers of range per hour, making Level 1 a good choice for plugin hybrid vehicles but not battery electric vehicles.

Level 2 chargers can be installed at your home by a professional electrician and charge about 16-32 miles of range per hour. A good choice for any EV when charging overnight or all-day is possible.  Metro Ford provides complimentary Level 2 charging for our guest, both visiting our showroom and while having their EV maintained in our service center.

Level 3 fast chargers are the most efficient and can be found at commercial locations. Level 3 can charge about 100-132 kilometers of range in about 20 minutes, making it a good choice for any EV when a quick charge is needed on the go. Metro Ford has installed two 240 kW Level 3 DC Fast Chargers, each featuring dual charging ports, available for both Ford and other EV models on a pay-per-use basis. 

Charging Your Ford EV At Home

Each new electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid from Ford is accompanied by a Ford Mobile Charger for domestic charging. This charger is compatible with both 120V and 240V outlets; however, the duration of charging varies significantly between them.

For instance, with the Ford Mustang Mach-E, one can anticipate about five kilometers of range added per hour on 120V, but roughly 32 kilometers of range hourly on a 240V. There's also the option of the Ford Connected Charge Station that an electrician can fit in your garage or on an exterior wall, offering approximately 46 kilometers of range every hour. Ford's cutting-edge software lets you schedule your electric vehicle's charging during off-peak periods, optimizing your power bill.

Ford Charge Station Pro facilitates the F-150 Lightning's Intelligent Backup Power feature, supplying Intelligent Backup Power during power disruptions. It offers 30 miles of charging every hour for the F-150 Lightning Extended Range and 19 miles per hour for the F-150 Lightning Standard range.

Charging On The Road

Thanks to DC fast chargers, on-the-road charging is substantially speedier, enabling about 100 kilometers miles of range to be infused into a Mach-E in merely ten minutes. For locating charging stations while travelling, depend on the FordPass Charging Network. All compatible charging points are aggregated on a map, unified under a single payment system through the FordPass app.

Planning a road trip? The FordPass Power My Trip feature simplifies planning by automatically estimating where you should halt for swift charging, thus reducing wait times and allowing for a prompt return to your journey. Just activate FordPass Connect, link your vehicle to the FordPass App, and initiate your charging services at

Wherever you travel within Canada, Metro Ford is dedicated to ensuring your all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle remains charged and primed for exploration. Ford's BlueOval Charge Network is North America's most expansive public charging network, with over 19,500 charging stations, equating to nearly 63,000 plugs! Through Ford's diligent efforts and foresight, Metro Ford offers its electric vehicle customers access to the most substantial Public Charging Network in North America. Every customer who acquires an electric vehicle from Metro Ford benefits from easy access to the BlueOval™ Charging Network. This network includes Level 3 DC fast-charging stations throughout Canada and continues to expand. It permits users to identify available charging stations nearby and bookmark their favourites for future convenience. Be it charging at home or while travelling, Ford's charging experience is uncomplicated and direct.

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